Cara Mitchell With Hand On Hip Greenery In Background

American Institute of Architects, Regional Chapter Member

Cara Mitchell, AIA


Cara was drawn to MWA because of our shared belief that social equity and environmentally responsible design go hand in hand. As a registered architect and AIA board member, she brings seven years of experience in mixed-use housing and higher education projects.

Working in the housing studio, her role is primarily designing and planning projects. Using her visual communication skills and BIM expertise, she helps the team develop advanced workflows in Revit. Recently, Cara has gotten particularly interested in documentation technologies. She is passionate about designing beautiful things and believes that automating the documentation process with efficient BIM management will help architects focus more on design and less on the minutia of documentation.

Her favorite part of the job is seeing an idea come to life, and she loves working at a firm that has the same goal of making beautiful spaces that are socially and environmentally just. Working with like-minded people allows her to continue her mission to be a force of good in this world.

She enjoys hanging out with her lap dog in her spare time while drawing, painting, or knitting.

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