Street View Of Good Shepard Apartments

Street View Of Good Shepard Apartments

Good Shepherd Village Affordable Apartments

As the first affordable housing project in Happy Valley, Good Shepherd Village is a precedent for future opportunities in the area. An active, community-centered development, this project will add a total of 143 affordable apartments ranging from studio to 3-bedroom units. Dedicated to opening doors for vulnerable members of the community, 35 units are prioritized for people who have experienced houselessness, including 15 units for Veterans.



Portland, OR


Catholic Charities


Housing Development Center


Walsh Construction


502,246 SF



Front Of Good Shepard Village Affordable Apartments

Front Of Good Shepard Village Affordable Apartments


The 11-acre site for Good Shepherd Village was previously farmland abutting a steep and forested slope to the south. As the context changes to single-family suburban housing developments, this project sensitively introduces higher-density living and encourages walking to the many neighborhood amenities.

Good Shepard Village Site Plan

Good Shepard Village Site Plan

Happy Valley required a new street through the site; using this as an opportunity, the designers created a strong and vibrant street edge that cultivates community and connections. Working with site slopes, designers embraced the existing grading to site the buildings, minimizing excavation costs and creating a terraced amphitheater as the major community outdoor space. The amphitheater transitions down to the community room in the four-story apartment building tucked against the southern slope.

Good Shepherd Village draws on the simplicity of classic farmhouses in Happy Valley for inspiration. Clean cut gables articulate the individual units, providing independence for residents and variety in scale. This multifamily development elegantly fits into its new single-family neighborhood with a clear modern expression. Taking advantage of the scenic site, walking paths, courtyards, gardens, and a playground will connect the buildings in Good Shepherd Village. Advocated for during the community outreach process, designers incorporated a large community garden at the driveway entrance to the parking lot at the end of the street.

Good Shepard Community Garden

Good Shepard Community Garden


The extensive community outreach process provided specific and clear insight into the design of Good Shepherd Village. With residents of various cultural backgrounds, community input was geared towards cultural fit. One unique request was for a quiet room – somewhere that residents will be able to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy home and take a moment for themselves. Designers thoughtfully responded to this concern by implementing quiet as well as active community spaces.

The team also worked closely with adjacent neighbors to create a project that, although higher density, was a welcome addition to the neighborhood.


Good Shepherd Village is pursuing Earth Advantage Gold Certification.


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