Clark Regional Operations Building Exterior With Courtyard

Person Putting On Boots At Clark Regional Locker Room

Clark Regional Wastewater District Campus

Since 1958, the Clark Regional Wastewater District has consistently served the community, providing reliable wastewater removal services in an environmentally and financially responsible manner. The District has a proud history of responding to the growing and changing needs of the community; in the last 20 years, the customer base has nearly doubled, now servicing the surrounding cities of Ridgefield, Battle Ground, and East Vancouver. The District hired 40 new employees to meet this growing demand, and its campus needed to expand to reflect this growth.

MWA was contracted to design the renovated administration building, expand and seismically strengthen the existing maintenance building, and provide a new operations building, covered parking/storage area, and decant facility. The expansive new campus accommodates current employees and is equipped for future growth.



Vancouver, WA


Clark Regional Wastewater District


PBS Engineering & Environmental


Tapani Construction, LLC


52,000 SF




David Papazian


Considering the composition of how buildings connect, MWA created a natural circulation throughout the campus. With large trucks driving through the site, traffic flow was a high priority when considering the layout. A new parking lot on the south side of the administration building accommodates the growing team and is easily accessible from the through-street.

Wastewater Campus Centered Around New Operations Building

Wastewater Campus Centered Around New Operations Building


Striving for campus cohesion while modernizing the overall site, designers pulled from the material palette of the existing buildings. The administration building has an original brick siding that covers the daylit basement and reaches up to the window level of the main floor. MWA designed the new operations building to reflect the original, wrapping the exterior in brick, then defining the entrance with a change in materiality.

Tom Stark's recently completed project, Clark Regional Wastewater Facility, showing employees eating lunch in a covered outdoor area

Bringing a modern flair to the heart of the campus, a cedar soffit accentuates the entrance of the new operations building. The cedar continues throughout, with four-foot overhangs covering the perimeter’s walkways.

Large windows, glass doors, and tall ceilings all contribute to the openness of the operations building. A sliding glass door connects the break room to the covered patio, where café tables provide space for employees to enjoy their lunch. Fully landscaped, this patio offers daylighting and green space that positively affects mental health, creating the perfect place for employees to take a break.

As you move inside the building, the wooden ceilings flow into the hallways, bringing a feeling of continuity from the outdoors in.

Clark Regional Hallway

Clark Regional Hallway


MWA designed functional interiors to meet each need of the facility while providing employees comfort, ease of use, and inviting spaces. The new operations building is equipped with an open office space, conference room, control center, break room, and locker rooms.

Clark Regional Break Room

Clark Regional Break Room

The employee break room is flooded with natural light and opens to the covered outdoor space.

Locker rooms are fitted with a boot drying station, on-site laundry facilities, uniform storage, and personal lockers.

Clark Regional Locker Room With Laundry

Clark Regional Locker Room With Laundry

Clark Regional Conference Room

MWA designed the conference room as a flexible space for meetings or trainings. The conference room can be used as an emergency operations center with access to a storage room stocked with dry food, bedding, and cots.

The new operations building grounds the campus, with strong connections to the industrial facilities that envelop each side.

Campus with three distinct buildings, a maintenance facility, a storage facility, and an operations building.

Campus with three distinct buildings, a maintenance facility, a storage facility, and an operations building.


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