Sophia Alberts-Willis Standing In Front Of Greenery



Sophia began her architectural endeavors with a degree in theatrical set design, where she was interested in how space affects human behavior and emotion. From there, she earned a Master of Architecture, beginning her career in human-centered infrastructure design. As a member of MWA’s infrastructure studio, she is passionate about designing projects that tread lightly on the earth and benefit as many people as possible.

Sophia loves discovering new design opportunities throughout the course of a project. Working on large-scale infrastructure projects like the Bull Run Filtration Plant, she enjoys the challenge of meeting rigid engineering constraints with creative design solutions. As a designer, she balances the technical and aesthetic components of a project to create attractive, functional spaces.

With sustainability and equity at the center of her design approach, she loves being part of an architecture firm that prioritizes the same values. She believes that equitable design is possible if the architecture industry starts to reflect the diverse backgrounds and experiences present in our society. She is excited to bring her perspective to the infrastructure team and contribute thoughtful, community-enhancing designs to underserved populations.

Outside of work, she gets infatuated with new hobbies. Her current hobbies include biking, skating, dancing, puttering around the house, and spending time with her cats.


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