Muhammed El-Sayed smiling in front of a building.

Muhammed El-Sayed


Muhammed designs water and wastewater projects as part of MWA’s San Francisco Infrastructure Studio. Moe believes in crystal clear communication, which he practices verbally and through his drawings to deliver the best results to our clients and projects. He always considers the effects of spaces on the user, designing inclusive and thoughtful spaces.

Moe’s goal for his career is to work on projects that better people’s lives. He believes that infrastructure projects are the keystone to improving civilian life, and he loves learning about the intricate systems behind projects. Moe also loves sharing this knowledge – one of his favorite things about MWA is that our Infrastructure projects often include tour routes or interpretive centers that support fun and creative community education.

If you have the pleasure of meeting Moe outside of work, you may find him at a museum, the movies, or cooking delightful treats for the San Francisco office.


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