Celebrating Trevor Gotfredson’s Fifth Anniversary with MWA

MWA has had the pleasure of working with Trevor Gotfredson for five years. A Designer for the San Francisco Infrastructure studio, Trevor has contributed to some of MWA’s largest water projects, often coordinating the design as our Job Captain. Anyone on our team will tell you that Trevor is a delight to work with. His attention to detail, ability to make people laugh, and participation in social events all contribute to a positive work environment.

East Bay Municipal Utilities District Sobrante Water Treatment Plant

What projects are you working on right now?

  • City of Hayward Lab Administration Building
  • Presidio Trust Mason Street Muni Terminal
  • East Bay Municipal Utilities District Sobrante Water Treatment Plant
  • Metropolitan Water District Security Operations Center

“Trevor always brings energy and ideas to every conversation. He is very organized and methodical with all his work, and he understands how to clearly communicate ideas to clients. He also knows how to have fun. My favorite memory with Trevor was a friendly, but competitive game of pickle ball.”

– Greg Robley

What project phase is your favorite? Why?

Programming and preliminary design phase. I love playing with blocks, now and when I was a kid.

How have the responsibilities and expectations of your job changed in the last few years? 

I went from being excited to receive new emails to dreading new emails. The progression of life!

How do you maintain a work/life balance?

I stay very busy outside of work, so I can’t let my mind worry about work when I’m not at the computer. Skiing, hiking, biking, traveling, anything to keep myself occupied.

Trevor biking across the Tilikum Crossing Pedestrian Bridge while visiting Portland, OR

What do you hope to do more of in the next few years? 

The last time I answered this question (New Year 2020), I said I wanted to work remotely more often. I hope to wield my power more responsibly in the future. 

“Trevor is a reliable and consistent part of our team, providing us with amazing attention to detail to get our clients exactly what they want. I greatly appreciate the additional work he does to get our team outings together and create fun little quizzes. It’s great to have him on the team!”

– Alex Harm

What is the next career goal that you would like to tackle? 

Find a coworker who loves to write reports!

Why did you want to become an architect when you started your career? 

I like organizing spaces, creating relationships between spaces, and iterating ideas. I appreciate that architecture is similar to engineering but focuses on people rather than discreet objects or products.

Is there a particular architect’s work that inspires you? Why?

Jeanne Gang, Studio Gang inspired me a ton in college – Incredibly engaging faceted facades that are incredibly recognizable without being trite like some other starchitects.

What is your favorite thing about working at MWA?

I have a huge range of responsibilities, for better or worse. In the morning, I’m researching tedious roof restraint netting, in the afternoon, I am strategizing a proposal approach, and in the evening, I am presenting at a public design workshop.

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