The Next Generation of Leaders Rise at MWA

Celebrating the accomplishments and success of our team, we are thrilled to announce this year’s promotions. Thank you to each of the people listed below for their continued leadership, upholding our mission, and inspiring positive change within our firm.

In this blog, our team shares what they are most excited to pursue in their new positions.

Leslee Randolph Headshot

Leslee Randolph, Senior Associate

Leslee has been promoted to Senior Associate. Leslee is a determined and reliable Project Manager for MWA’s Sustainability Studio and has built trusting relationships with clients and teaming partners for eight years. Leslee hopes to use her position as Senior Associate to reinforce MWA’s mission, supporting the community through infrastructure projects that create beautiful, environmentally respectful spaces for people with essential jobs.

Allison Standing In Front Of Greenery

Allison Plass, Associate

Allison has been promoted to Associate. Allison has been a creative pillar on MWA’s Marketing Team for over a decade. She leads graphics and signage internally and on housing and infrastructure projects. Along with her promotion to Associate, Allison now leads MWA’s Interior Environments Studio, bringing safe, comfortable, and beautiful design to our project interiors. As an Associate, Allison looks forward to contributing to the discussions around firm growth, focusing on the Interior Environments Studio.

“As an Associate, I’m excited to lead the Interior Environments Studio, and I look forward to seeing how the studio will evolve and benefit MWA and our clients moving forward.”

– Allison Plass
Melissa Guarin Standing In Front Of Greenery

Melissa Guarin, Associate

Melissa has been promoted to Associate. As Project Architect with 20 years of diverse design experience, Melissa approaches projects from different perspectives that add depth to her designs. As an Associate, Melissa will use her leadership as an opportunity to mentor staff, further develop internal education through lunch and learns, and assist technical processes within the firm.

Sarah smiling into the camera wearing a green sweater

Sarah Lundy, Associate

Sarah has been promoted to Associate at MWA Architects. Sarah is a design architect with ten years of experience in housing with an emphasis on user-friendly, sustainable design. She is passionate about creating beautiful, human-centric design solutions that engage the community. As an Associate, Sarah will work with leadership and mid-level staff to grow engagement and leadership in design.

“I look forward to strengthening our existing relationships with the community as well as looking to forge new ones.”

– Sarah Lundy

Chris Remedios, Associate

Chris has been promoted to Associate. Chris has been leading the San Francisco Housing studio for three years. As an Associate and studio leader, Chris is focused on growing the San Francisco Housing Studio, mentoring younger staff, and expanding into new building types such as multifamily prefab and mass timber.

Trevor Gotfredson smiling in front of a mural.

Trevor Gotfredson, Project Manager

Trevor has been promoted to Project Manager. With six years of experience as Designer and Job Captain at MWA, Trevor has built dependable relationships with clients and teaming partners. While Trevor has acted as Project Manager for various projects, he hopes to use his new position in the firm to build stronger relationships with clients and teaming partners.

“Our work in water infrastructure is increasingly important and I look forward to crafting more projects from ideas into efficient and meaningful realities.”

– Trevor Gotfredson
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