Ten Terrific Years with Nathan Streib

Nathan Working With Designer

Celebrating ten years with MWA’s Portland Infrastructure studio is Architect Nathan Streib. As Project Manager on many of MWA’s large-scale infrastructure projects, Nathan is often the client-facing voice of our team. His infectious spirit brightens our clients’ and colleagues’ days, and his technical skills are invaluable to our projects. Congratulations, Nathan, on ten years with MWA.

What projects have you worked on most recently?

Most recently I have worked on King County Jameson and Bellingham Post Point.

“I am currently working with Nathan on the Bellingham project which has the potential to be the next Oak Harbor for MWA. As a prior resident of Bellingham, Nathan is committed to this project and has established a very good working relationship with the engineering PM and enjoys growing into a project management role on this complicated project.”

– Jeff McGraw

What project phase is your favorite?

I’m currently in a project management role. I like getting to talk to people – the client and consultants, to create the schedule for the project. Though, my favorite phase is construction administration. I like being out in the middle of everything, and I like helping.

How have the responsibilities and expectations of your job changed in the last few years?

I’ve been doing a lot more project management. Before, I was more in production and drafting. As Jean says, “I have more of a gift with the soft skills.” So I think that’s where I excel.

“Nathan is such a great collaborator and always makes sure every voice is heard and understood prior to moving forward with a concept. He is so patient and extremely adept at navigating difficulties with clients. He has a holistic approach to problem solving that is a welcome perspective when teaming with him. He is always willing to support in any capacity, and is a great asset to the Sustainability Team as well as MWA. Plus he invented High Five Thursday which we all appreciate so much! Thanks for all you do Nathan!”

– Leslee Randolph

How do you maintain work/life balance? During COVID, how have you been maintaining your sanity?

During COVID, it is difficult to maintain a work/life balance because my desk is right next to my bed. I am also building my house, which is even more work! My family is all right there with me, either working alongside me or literally on top of me. My dog Sky is a constant source of entertainment. Her tongue is sticking out all the time, even when she’s sleeping. I need to take her out for more walks.

What do you hope to do more of in the next few years?

I hope to be doing construction administration, where I am out in the field solving problems. If I could be out there building as well, that would be even better.

What is the next career goal that you would like to tackle?

I want to be Living Futures Certified (LIFI). It is a sustainability program that would add more depth to our repertoire in sustainability.

What lasting impact do you hope to have at MWA?

Humor! Singing in the halls. High five Thursday. When there were a lot of people in the office, I would sing when I got nervous. Like, lounge-style singing. I hope that continues long after I’m gone.

Nathan Streib as NSYNC

When you started your career, why did you want to become an architect?

I started my career as a Starbucks manager, along with 15 other things. One of those things was an apprenticeship with a furniture maker. I learned that I like building things and thought, “why not go into architecture?” I then did a few years of drafting at an engineering firm and then joined MWA. Now I’ve been in architecture for 10 years.

Is there a particular architect’s work that inspires you? Why?

In college, I would have to say it was Carlo Scarpa. The joints that he always added into his work were never simple, and there was always something to make it look like they were meant to join.

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