Madeline standing in front of greenery, smiling into the camera.

Madeline phillips

Architectural Intern

Architectural Intern Madeline Phillips brings new insight, experience, and talent to MWA’s Sustainability Studio. Continuing her final year of undergrad at the University of Oregon, Madeline is constantly learning the newest technology and trends. She brings her ideas and experiences from her classes to MWA and brainstorms how to implement them into our projects.

Passionate about the 2030 challenge, Madeline is actively trying to learn new ways to improve our systems. Madeline joins our former Energy Trust of Oregon Net Zero Intern, Celia Crawford, in testing new energy modeling software to integrate carbon tracking early in the design.

Falling in love with architecture early in her college career, Madeline learned that architecture isn’t only about the aesthetic of the building. The potential to craft positive experiences for people occupying a space is what inspires Madeline to continue down the path of architecture.


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