The Archibald Apartments

    A fresh take on the old farmhouses of rural Gresham, the design of The Archibald Apartments is a simple yet modern aesthetic. As the city of Gresham continues to increase development, The Archibald Apartments contribute 37 one- and two-bedroom walk-up apartments. The attractive design, dynamic community courtyards, and community garden create a strong and active street edge, setting the bar for future development in the area.


    Situated on a large tree-lined corner, The Archibald offers accessibility and privacy. Utilizing the area’s natural features, the designers oriented the buildings to form a dynamic shared community courtyard. The courtyard includes a playground, community garden and outdoor picnic and seating areas, allowing both families and individuals to coinhabit the space. Centering the design around outdoor spaces creates cohesion between the built and natural environments.

    Elegant details elevate a crisp material and color palette, while also complementing the natural textures of the landscape. Clean cut gables draw the eye and add vertical dimension, while oversized corner windows create strong punctures in the fa├žade. Varying the orientations of the gables adds diversity to the design and animates the roof form.

    Crisp white and dark gray exteriors contrast with the pops of yellow that highlight the doors, providing clear wayfinding for tenants.

    Multiple entry points allow residents to move fluidly through the site. Buildings are three stories high with active unit entries and flow through breezeways. Steel canopies over the breezeways create portals that connect the street to the internal courtyard. Apartment entries are off of the breezeways, creating permeability between units and semi-private patios for residents.

    The Archibald Apartments offer residents independent entrances off the breezeways, leading you into a bright apartment filled with natural light. The large corner windows are the focus of the apartments. A neutral interior material palette allows the eye to settle on the bright greenery through the windows, creating a fresh and expansive living area. Efficient, clean-cut interiors provide an open floor plan, allowing natural light to flood through the entire space.

    White walls contrast with the rich texture of the floors, adding natural hues to the clean interiors. Neutral and warm, each apartment gives residents the freedom to create a space that reflects their unique personal style.