Stockton Delta Water Supply

    To meet the growing demand for potable water in the region, this LEED Gold project is the City of Stockton’s first water treatment plant. The plant has an initial capacity of 30 million gallons a day (mgd), and ultimately can be expanded up to 160 mgd.

    The administration and operations building was designed both to deliver a welcoming interface for visitors and provide abundant natural light and a comfortable environment for people working at the plant. Photovoltaic solar panels provide half the building’s power needs and take full advantage of the sunny site by covering the carport roofs.


    MWA and CDM Smith Engineers were responsible for the layout of the treatment plant site. The plant includes slow sand filters, an administration/operation building, maintenance building, membrane building, ozone building and a treated water reservoir.

    A night view of the chemical storage and feed facility with a roof form that responds to the new plant context and local agrarian forms
    MWA designed the iconic signage featured at the entrance and incorporated in the floor of the administration building
    PV solar panels atop the carport roofs