Singulex Laboratory and Offices

    With an expiring lease and a need to expand, biotech company, Singulex called on MWA to quickly locate and design a new facility. We assisted them in the selection of a building to accommodate current needs and future expansion.

    Working collaboratively and mindful of the time constraints, MWA completed the design and obtained a building permit within two months. In phasing the project, MWA facilitated the labs being completed three months prior to the move-in date, allowing Singulex to properly test equipment and easily pass all certifications.


    Large windows maximize natural light in the ground floor laboratory and manufacturing spaces. Scientists and lab technicians work on special benches near windows, providing abundant natural light, while ancillary spaces such as cold rooms and storage reside at the core of the building.

    A mix of private and open offices, conference rooms, and a large break room on the second floor take full advantage of natural light and bay views