Lake Oswego River Intake Pump Station

    The River Intake Pump Station (RIPS) pumps water from the Clackamas River to the new Lake Oswego Tigard Water Treatment Plant in West Linn, Oregon. RIPS was designed to integrate with the existing residential neighborhood, as well as address security and durability issues at this exposed, publicly accessible area.


    Replacing a 1960’s era water intake serving the Lake Oswego community, this new concrete pump station is seismically resilient, more energy efficient, and has fish-friendly intake screens that allow safe passage for migratory fish. It also increased the capacity from 16mgd to 38mgd.

    The architecture was informed by feedback from neighbors as well as a contextual and regional approach that also included many new buildings at the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Treatment Plant. Acoustic treatments were part of the design helping to reduce the impact of plant noise in the neighborhood.

    The public process for this project involved many meetings and workshops with local residents. MWA participated in community meetings as well as several meetings with local permitting officials.

    A neighborhood-scaled gate presents a suitable, landscaped façade to effectively integrate and screen the large-scale pumping structure