Pure Water Antelope Valley Demonstration Facility

    MWA is currently working with Stantec and the Palmdale Water District (PWD) on the Pure Water Antelope Valley project. Through an advanced purification process of recycled water, the facility will provide a new source of safe drinking water for PWD customers. MWA is leading the architectural design of a 6,000 SF demonstration facility. Scheduled to open in early 2024, the facility will allow visitors to learn about the full-scale plant and sample the purified water.


    As the public walks into the reclaimed water demonstration facility, the polycarbonate walls provide a transition into the space with partial views and sounds of the process equipment.
    To facilitate public knowledge of reclaimed water, the community room will educate people on where their water comes from and how reclaimed water can be used in daily life.
    The goal of the process space is to allow the public to see where their water comes from and change the perception of reclaimed water in the area.