OAK Terminal One Expansion & Rehabilitation

    MWA led the design team for a sustainable modernization and upgrades to the passenger experience for 1950’s era Oakland International Airport Terminal 1. As part of the Port of Oakland’s “Moving Modern” program, this renovation is expected to earn LEED ID+C for Commercial Interiors Gold certification. Terminal 1 contains the ticketing and baggage claim operations, 9 airlines, 16 boarding gates and US Customs and Immigration facilities for international flights.

    One of the fastest growing airports in North America, the priority was to upgrade the outdated infrastructure while allowing the airport and security functions to remain in operation. This included seismic improvements and creating a temporary security checkpoint.

    Subsequent phases focused on enhancing the airport experience for travelers. Some of these improvements include a new window wall system to bring in more daylight; the second floor administration offices are redesigned and include public meeting space; better wayfinding and new signage; new elevators; new finishes.

    The design explored a variety of ways to retrofit the space, ultimately deciding that interior versus exterior seismic upgrades were optimal.
    The office design eliminates the system ceilings, providing a loft-like exposed ceiling concept allowing for a more open and light-filled workspace.
    Upgrades were made to interior space operations, security badging, parking permits, and lost and found.
    An enhanced new training room, and staff meeting spaces were included in the design.