MWMC Operations & Maintenance Building

    MWA worked with the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission to develop a 30-year strategy for Laboratory, Maintenance and Operations facility improvements at its Water Pollution Control Facility. The result is a balance of renovation and new construction improvements to the plant’s existing administrative/operations and maintenance buildings, a new laboratory, and related site improvements.


    Structural Insulated Concrete Panels were used for thermal efficiency, to meet stringent Oregon building codes, and facilitate construction phasing.

    Design strategies focused on providing personnel with a clean, high quality work environment while reducing operating costs, allowing flexibility to accommodate 30-year needs, promote multidisciplinary teaming, and minimize the project’s environmental footprint.

    Sustainable measures include natural daylighting and ventilation, thermal envelope, lighting controls, and renewables including solar PV array and thermal systems tapping into the plant heat loop
    Stormwater strategies were designed to utilize natural processes, including native landscaping for onsite treatment and infiltration planters
    Locally sourced Poplar is used in the roof window soffit to warm and direct daylight into the central circulation spine for the new laboratory
    Multifunction lab mechanical room serves Di water, acid waste neutralization system, house lab gases and also provides pumps and controls that share energy with the plant heating loop
    South facing roof windows provide natural light to the locker, shower and all staff break space