Chambers Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

    This expanded 89-acre wastewater treatment plant campus is located adjacent to the popular Chambers Bay golf course with a surrounding shoreline, beach area, public trails, housing, and other public amenities at the plant edges. In addition to updating existing infrastructure, new facilities include the maintenance, warehouse, laboratory, and storage buildings.

    Another benefit of the plant upgrade is the production of SoundGRO fertilizer, a commercial byproduct of plant processes sold by Pierce County.


    The existing 49-acre campus followed a fairly consistent design language. The expansion of the campus to 89-acres allowed additional buildings to be added on the northeast corner of the plant site that add diversity to the plant architecture with a contemporary style. New facilities also contribute to the palette of materials and building masses.

    A double-height lobby at the lab entrance is capped with windows
    Utilidors connect the treatment plant campus
    SoundGRO fertilizer, a commercial byproduct of plant processes, is produced on site and helps reduce waste
    View overlooking the plant to Chambers Bay and beyond