Valerie Reynolds

Marketing Manager

Dedicated to developing new ways to engage our audience and tell the impact of our work on the community, I align with MWA’s commitment to understand, empathize, and communicate with the people that architecture influences.

As a marketing and strategy professional, I work to drive visibility and brand awareness of the firm to new and existing audiences. I believe creating an impactful marketing strategy leads to firm-wide success. With this in mind, I guide and educate staff in the development of essential skills, thought leadership communication, and best practices in business development.

I am passionate about team-based problem solving and strongly believe in transparent leadership. Strong communication with my colleagues supports this belief. I strive to empower those around me by providing them the tools and support to succeed through an enthusiasm for learning and continued self-improvement.

A native Texan, I’ve brought my Southern colloquialisms to the Pacific Northwest, but adopted the PNW lifestyle. My work hard/play hard approach in all things has led me to hobbies like snowboarding and rock climbing – both of which I pursue here and while traveling. An avid traveler, my trips vary from climbing in Banff to wine tasting in France.