Sanjeev Malhotra

Senior Designer

As a Senior Architectural Designer, my approach to leading a design team is based upon over 25 years of designing public and civic projects both here and internationally.

At MWA, I strive to integrate my global design experience with local practicality and work with our teams to incorporate sustainable design into our projects. Where I believe design elements make a positive impact are in public and common spaces by incorporating natural lighting and ventilation, sequences of transition of spaces, entrances, and in the way a building responds to or helps to define the neighborhood context.

My area of expertise is entitlements related design and master planning for housing and civic projects.

Besides work, I enjoy the diversity of the Bay Area and am raising my family here, and participate in the local community. An architecture focused documentary that started here about Tibetan Buddhist monasteries has now expanded into a human interest story, “Tibetans in Exile”…and a decade later still keeps me involved.