Madeleine Jones

Marketing Assistant

With experience working alongside architects and designers, Maddy brings copywriting and content strategy skills to her role as Marketing Assistant. After graduating college with a degree in Advertising, she joined research teams that explored effective communication strategies in the media before free-lance copywriting for product designers. As a member of the Marketing Team, she loves sharing MWA’s socially and environmentally conscious work with clients and the broader community.

At MWA, Maddy utilizes her experience in design-based storytelling to create well-rounded project summaries, portfolio pieces, and resume biographies used to market the firm. Throughout the writing process, she enjoys getting to know the designers and architects through project interviews and one-on-one Q&A sessions.

In addition to writing, Maddy supports the Marketing Team with research, file structure, data organization, and content creation. Her favorite part of work is collaborating with team members to find the best way to convey MWA’s story through different mediums, imagery, music, and language.

Outside of work, she loves exploring Portland by foot, listening to Podcasts, cooking, and going to small music shows.