Lee Abuabara

Designer | Job Captain

As a Job Captain at MWA, my focus is on ensuring that everything we produce from concept design to construction drawings is accurate, complete, and delivered on time. I came to MWA after seven years of laboratory architecture, so my experience is in performance-based design. Before working in architecture, I was a 3D animator, and I still enjoy doing 3D visualization in Sketchup and hand drawing, as well as drafting in AutoCAD and Revit.

Working in affordable housing means I get to come to work every day and contribute to the housing that is so desperately needed in the Bay Area, which is great. I also try to contribute to efforts to solve the local housing crisis with my memberships in the SF Housing Action Coalition and in SF YIMBY.

Most of my free time is spent at home trying not to step on Legos, and dreaming of finding a tomato varietal that can stand up to Karl the Fog.