Karla Guerrero


Based in the Bay Area, Karla is a designer on the San Francisco Infrastructure team. With curiosity and community values inspiring her work, she found that her design approach aligned with MWA’s mission. She is excited to bring her skills to the team and contribute to its efforts to provide sustainable and resilient architecture to the public.

A technical designer with an in-depth knowledge of design programs, Karla utilizes her rendering skills to solve complex problems that arise throughout the course of projects. Her ability to produce accurate hand-drawn perspectives allows her to create concrete plans from initial ideation. A collaborative designer, Karla She loves being a part of a supportive team that encourages her career growth and inspires each other to create innovative and equitable infrastructure.

Passionate about sustainability and community-enhancing architecture, she balances aesthetics with environmentally responsible design choices. She is an avid consumer of design publications and keeps up with trends in sustainable materials to ensure that each project reflects contemporary styles without compromising its environmental integrity.

When she’s not working or keeping up with design trends in ArchDaily, she loves cooking Mexican food, which she learned to make with her family. She also enjoys walking around the Bay Area with her camera and capturing the world around her.