Glynnis Keogh

Proposal Manager

Glynnis brings over ten years of proposal writing experience to her role as Proposal Manager. She personifies MWA’s values and plans to embody them in her role by showcasing our shared goals of sustainability and social equity in her writing. By highlighting how our cultural values shape our interactions with communities, Glynnis gives deeper meaning to our work, ensuring potential clients that working with us means impacting the world in positive ways.

Working for various engineering firms, she honed her fine-tuned editing skills and developed a persuasive voice that engages with readers to the end of every piece. With thorough research and an efficient process, she produces stand-out proposals that highlight measurable outcomes and lead to winning work.

Beyond crafting proposals, Glynnis utilizes her business development and networking skills to identify opportunities and establish lasting relationships with clients. Motivated by her passion for resilient and inclusive architecture, she seeks design work that drives the industry towards more socially and environmentally responsible practices. She loves supporting MWA’s goals and learning about architecture throughout the pursuit process.

Currently living in San Diego, she spends her free time enjoying outdoor activities like sailing, hiking, and taking her dog to the beach. An avid music fan, she loves attending local concerts and looks forward to traveling abroad.