Anna Hermann


Anna has over ten years of architectural and design experience across multiple project types and scales. She has worked primarily on cultural, institutional, and multifamily residential projects throughout the US and Europe, and now returns to Portland as a member of MWA’s housing studio.

Anna believes in purpose-driven architecture and uses strong design thinking skills to incorporate people’s needs, while also enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of the space. As a collaborative designer, she loves when the team is united on the vision of a building and finds ways to bring the idea to fruition. Some of her design work with MWA’s housing studio include affordable housing projects such as St. Helen’s Apartments and the Alder House Renovation.

Passionate about utilizing design to create more sustainable and equitable communities, Anna is particularly interested in historic preservation, affordable housing, and renovating existing buildings. Her technical and conceptual design expertise allows her to consider the way design decisions, such as reusing everyday materials, can lead to a built environment that positively impacts the natural world.

Outside of work, Anna enjoys painting, cooking, taking in the Pacific Northwest’s landscape, and spending time with her family.