2024 Pride Celebrations

To celebrate Pride this year, MWA compiled a list of opportunities to support queer-owned and operated businesses, participate in Pride celebrations, and learn more about the historic LGBTQIA+ landmarks in our cities. This is a partial list, but it highlights some of Team MWA’s favorite spots in our neighborhoods, each linked below. As a little bonus sparkle, we made it pink.

Graphic map of Portland's NE, SE, and downtown neighborhoods that highlights where queer-owned businesses are located

Departure Restaurant + Lounge
Farmhouse Kitchen + Thai
Clark Lewis
Can Font

Pride Celebrations

PDX Pride Parade
Drag Bingo
Craft Beer Color Throw
Rose City PrideCon
LGBTQ+ Pride Community Day Construction Build Event

Darcelle XV Showcase
The Other Inn
Gay Community Center
Dahl & Penne Tavern
The Harbor Club
Multnomah Building

Graphic map of san francisco neighborhoods that highlights where queer-owned businesses are located

The Cinch Saloon
Casement Bar
El Rio SF
Wild Side West
Midnight Sun

One Market Restaurant
Seven Hills Italian Restaurant
Hot Cookie
The Garden Court

Pride Celebrations

SF Pride Parade
Human Rights Summit
Pride for Breakfast
Grand Re-Opening at Gingers
Drag me Downtown

Japanese YWCA
The Federal Building
The Women’s Building
Castro Camera
San Francisco City Hall

If you’re interested in learning more about the Historic LGBTQIA+ Landmarks that we’ve noted in Portland and San Francisco, visit our previous blog post, Places of Pride.

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